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Ward 9 Staff

WARD 9 - Dementia Ward 

Are you looking to expand your nursing career and be an important part of an amazing team? Do you want a position where your ideas and creativity in providing patient care are listened to and valued?

Ward 9 at the East Cheshire NHS Trust is committed to provide high standards of quality care especially focusing on patients who suffer from forms of dementia. Our nurses and healthcare assistants are specifically trained in caring for patients who are living with dementia working together to give continuous care throughout the patients stay in hospital. Our nursing team is supported by a variety of specialists whose ultimate aim is to provide care in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment. We have a conservatory with a television and regular activities which are run by our volunteers.  There is also an outside area where patients can sit during the summer months.

Dementia is a growing challenge for communities and we, as healthcare professionals are at the forefront of providing the dignity, support and care that people deserve. We have great plans and need you to help us bring them to life. We have great facilities and are looking at new and innovative ways of making our patients time with us a rewarding and inspiring time. Rehabilitation and fostering independence is key to everything we do. There are challenges, it’s not always easy, but our successes are rewarding and each day’s challenges bring something new.

This is no ordinary ward – we’ve won over some distressed patients with hat making competitions, invited confused patients to team meetings where they’ve engaged and felt useful. We’ve had tea parties and memory boxes and plan to do much, much more! If you are the type of person who thrives on finding new approaches or has the instinct to resolve issues by ‘thinking outside the box’ then you’re the person we’re looking for!

Many of us have personal experience of family and friends who are elderly, have dementia, delirium and have periods of confusion. We all wish that their care and the services on offer to support their families, our families, are inspirational and supportive – that’s what we are working hard to improve! Do you believe you have something special to offer that will improve services while giving you the opportunity to develop your career. This experience will give you invaluable experience while providing a sense of worth often lacking in other areas of nursing. We value the time, effort and energy put in by our people – and this is a great opportunity to join ‘Team Amazing!’.





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