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Careers at East Cheshire NHS Trust
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Finance Team


Have you ever thought about a career in Finance within the NHS?

Ever wondered what a NHS Finance team actually does?

Put simply we are the part of the organisation which manages the money!

Here at East Cheshire NHS Trust our Finance department is split into 3 different teams. Our Income and costing team make sure we receive the correct payments for the services we offer by managing trust contracts and compiling reference costs. Our Financial management team work closely with clinicians and managers to review budget delivery against our financial targets. Our Financial Services team provide a range of services including monitoring creditors and debtors, a cash office service, monitoring and reporting the trust cash flow position.

What are the roles within the teams?

Here at East Cheshire NHS Trust our Finance department has 31 members of staff, there are many roles within the Finance team from Apprentice to Director of Finance! Click on some of the job roles below to learn more about these roles.

Financial assistants

Financial analysts

Finance managers

Professional bodies

Over half of our team are members and have qualified through various professional bodies, click the icons below to learn more. In addition, we also support the national graduate management trainee scheme. 


Our Finance department is accredited at level 2 for both Skills Development Network and Future Focused Finance. We are very proud to have achieved these awards as they are held in high regard across the NHS Finance Function. The Accreditation process is not a soft option; the standards are high and involve providing robust evidence in key areas to demonstrate an overall culture that is innovative and consistently supportive of the development of the finance capability throughout the organisation.

We have team members in place who have dedicated time to undertake the roles of Skills Development Lead, Skills Development Deputy, FFF Lead, Student Lead, Value Maker, FACE.

Recognising excellence

East Cheshire Trust recognises value through the organisation and staff can nominate for monthly Trust awards or the annual staff awards. The following Trust awards were given in 2017/18 to members of the finance department:

  • Trust colleague of the month for February 2018
  • Trust team of the month for October 2017

The Finance directorate holds a star of the month award which is announced during the Director of Finance’s team brief.

Overall, we value each other and have pride in the role we undertake for our trust and are always looking for ways to improve processes, skills and working environment to “make people count”.

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