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Careers at East Cheshire NHS Trust
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Vision and Values

At East Cheshire NHS Trust we are united by common values and behaviours to ensure we deliver the right care first time, every time.

Our behaviours have been developed by over 300 staff identifying what they would expect to see from themselves and their colleague linked to the trust's six core values.

Treat each other with respect and dignity

  • We value the views of our staff, patients and partners in the delivery of our services
  • We care about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on those around us. We depend on the relationships we have and respect each other and those we work with

Commit to quality of care

  • We are committed to improving quality, safety and the patient experience
  • We value the feedback from our patients by listening to their experience and responding in order to continuously improve the care we provide

Show compassion

  • We are committed to providing safe quality care in a compassionate and dignified way
  • By listening to staff and patients we are reminded that for a large proportion of our patients, when they are in our care it is a particularly stressful time
  • We expect staff to show compassion as part of their daily work

Improve lives

  • We are committed to delivering quality outcomes, and have a thirst to learn and improve
  • If something isn’t right, we correct it. By doing so we will improve the lives of our patients by preventing ill health, treating illness and alleviating pain

Work together for patients

  • We promote team work across the Organisation, both within and across Business Groups and services, wherever care is being delivered
  • Whatever the strength of the individual, we will accomplish more together
  • By working in different ways and united by common values, we are making sure we deliver the right care first time, every time

Make everyone count

  • We value our customers, patients, carers and their families and treat them equally by ensuring staff have the right training to do so
  • We treat others as valued individuals and will contribute to a climate of fairness and equality

You can find more information on the behaviours which underpin our organisational values in the document “Our values and behaviours; United by common values”

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