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East Cheshire NHS Trust has a multi-professional Preceptorship programme in place, to ensure newly qualified health care professional receive the support they need so they can provide the best care possible. Here at East Cheshire we will help you to learn, grow and develop and help you reach your full potential.

East Cheshire Trust is committed to supporting newly registered health professionals; Return to Practice healthcare practitioners; ‘Back to the floor’ healthcare practitioners; International recruits entering the NMC register; those entering a new field of practice; New and emerging roles including Nursing Associates and Physicians Associates.

Preceptorship will assist practitioners to make a smooth transition to enable them to be confident and competent autonomous professionals (DOH 2011). The length of Preceptorship should be a minimum of 6 -12 which falls in line with national recommendations DH (2010)

Preceptorship is defined by the DH (2010) as:

‘A period of structured transition for the newly registered practitioner during which he or she will be supported by a preceptor, to develop their confidence as an autonomous professional, refine skills, values and behaviours and to continue on their journey of life-long learning’


  • To provide a supportive orientation programme to newly qualified staff
  • To support individuals within their new environment or role change
  • To consolidate competencies and prior learning
  • To facilitate reflection, support, teaching and the development of clinical competencies
  • To enable staff to develop personally and professionally
  • Facilitate the development of professional behaviour


  • The development of a competent practitioner providing high standards of care at all times
  • Development of practitioners who are politically aware of changes and developments within the NHS and the Trust
  • The enhancement of competent and confident practitioners within a specified time frame
  • The promotion of reflective practitioners and maintenance of individual professional portfolio
  • To enable individuals to identify all future learning and development

Supporting Competency

Additionally the Preceptorship role/period involves supporting, developing and providing assurance of competency of the individual to undertake the requirements of the Job description in a safe and competent manner.

Staff Nurses

In addition to a Preceptorship programme, East Cheshire offer bespoke Band 5 rotational programmes across all specialties, enabling you to gain experience and confidence as you rotate across wards or departments over 12-18 months.

Also in place for newly recruited Nurses are 'Reconnect Sessions' where you will meet your Ward Manager at 30 days after your start date, 60 days with your Matron and 90 days with Heads of Nursing and Deputy Director of Nursing. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet some of the senior nursing staff and to talk about your experience at the Trust so far.

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