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Returning to Practice

My Return to Practice Journey - Katherine Rose, Staff Nurse 

I decided to come back to nursing after 12 years out of practice whilst overseas and having children. I was also inspired by the nurses who cared for my late mother during her battle with pancreatic cancer and also had personal experience of NHS services. 

I am a Return to Practice student via Manchester Metropolitan University and attended 2 weeks at the University for mandatory updates, study skills, changes to NHS etc followed by a clinical placement. I also had to complete an assignment. The course is very flexible depending on your learning needs and time out of nursing. You must complete at least 150 clinical hours however you have a maximum of 450 hours to meet the course outcomes.  I also received £500 expenses.

My placement took place across the surgical nursing areas and during my time on my placement, I found both the trust and MMU to be very accommodating to my shifts needs and allowed me to ease myself back in gently. The Practice Education Facilitator Team were very supportive and I met up monthly with other students. At the University we have a Personal Tutor to contact for placement and assignment advice and on our placement we have a 'sign off mentor' who supports us in meeting our clinical objectives. 


For anyone thinking about returning to practice, the changes to the NHS can seemed very daunting at first. However, it doesn't take long before skills come rushing back to you. Experience from other jobs, travelling or raising a family will stand you in good stead. Have confidence, relax and make the most of your supernumerary status!

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